III. B2. Automate Calls and SMSs

Tell your assistant to import contacts from our data into Raises.com/MakeWebsite’s and send a mass text. Full instructions you should give the assistants is at Raises.com/VASOP ←PREVIOUS ITEM NEXT ITEM→      

III A5. Investor Data Engine Tool

Step 0.  The tool goes through the whole of the Bing.com search engine automatically and “investment banking” as a single term is broad and can overwhelm the tool, eat up API credits and cause long waiting times.  We recommend a search such as the following:  The person type (i.e, investment banking) AND the transaction type (i.e., debt) […]

III A4. Keyword Analysis

The Financial Lexicon sheets assist with list building to get additional relevant contacts with data scraping tools. Click HERE to get the Financial Lexicon Analysis sheet. Click HERE to get the Financial Lexicon Analysis Workflow sheet. Click HERE to set up a Trello Account.   ←PREVIOUS ITEM NEXT ITEM→      

III A1. Quick Start Before Our Investor Data Engine

Commence getting feedback from suitable contacts (where compliant and legal to do so, investors) as soon as possible by building your list of contacts from our data, and commence the outreach. This process can be executed by your company, or by our virtual assistant partner firm. Sample Script:   Hi NAME One of my associates came across […]