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This firm appears to focus on private equity investments, but the mandate does not seem very explicit.
  • Investing Firm Name: Austin Asset Management Company
  • Company Type: Family Office
  • Website:
  • Website (Other):
  • Private Equity?: FALSE
  • Private Debt?: FALSE
  • Infrastructure?: FALSE
  • Real Estate?: FALSE

Company Contacts

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First name:
Last name:
Confidence score: 99;39
Type of Email: personal
Number of Sources: 2



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Due Diligence

Sources & Other Info

“Family Office – your personal assets manager disengages you from the burden and the responsibility of looking after your assets, allowing you to devote your time and attention to other affairs, while trusting the routine management of your personal assets to a highly skilled professional – a person whom you trust.”

  • Confidence Scores: 99;39
  • This page last updated: 44561

Amount of Sources: 2;2;;


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