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[Important] Some time after you join Raises.com, we have someone proactively check in with you, but do not wait for that to happen. It is your responsibility to book a call with us, or email support@raises.com for slots/questions about your deal, or post in community, and submit your dataroom request to move things to the […]

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1. Book Call 2. Introduce yourself to the communities at Raises.com/community 3. Submit information to Finish Your Dataroom 4. Email support@raises.com for any questions ←PREVIOUS ITEM NEXT ITEM→        

Welcome: 2. Milestones and Overview

Acknowledge the following milestones: 1. Joining the communities 2. Getting the deal(s) under contract (if applicable) 3. Getting your funds or deal’s financials ready 4. Getting the funds or deal’s compliance ready 5. Getting soft commitments 6. Finalizing legal 7. Getting investor’s responses 8. Getting the first investor’s calls 9. Getting the first investor’s due […]

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