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II. C6. Investor Funnel

Go to “Finish My Dataroom,” and on the form, you should notify us that you need an investor website. investor funnel built for you. If you have any questions, contact   ←PREVIOUS ITEM NEXT ITEM→      

III C3. Investor Funnel (Part 2)

Get your Clickfunnel template HERE Get your Drip marketing automation template HERE This video explains how to set up the website and third party software stack, scripts and execution for firms who have no online presence, but are working on building it from scratch (part 2).   ←PREVIOUS ITEM      

III C2. Launching and Managing Investor PPC Campaigns

This document explains how to set up the campaigns to predictably get investor meetings. This is to be delegated to the assistants. Benchmark KPIs: $15-$25 per 10 minute call 1 interested prospect per 7 calls 1 commitment per 10 interested prospects ←PREVIOUS ITEM NEXT ITEM→