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This firm appears to focus on private equity investments, but the mandate does not seem very explicit.
  • Investing Firm Name: Credo Group Holdings Limited
  • Company Type: Family Office
  • Website:
  • Website (Other):
  • Private Equity?: FALSE
  • Private Debt?: FALSE
  • Infrastructure?: FALSE
  • Real Estate?: FALSE

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Confidence score: 94;93;92;91;90;87;84;79;78;77
Type of Email: personal
Number of Sources: 3



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Due Diligence

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” Robertson, Griege & Thoele is a multi-family office that Forbes ranks in the top 50 largest fee based independent firms in the United States by assets under management . For 25 years we have worked with business owners, executives, wealthy families and professional atheletes who have investable assets at a minimum of $3,000,000. “

  • Confidence Scores: 94;93;92;91;90;87;84;79;78;77
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Amount of Sources: 3;2;1;1;13;1;1;5;2;1;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


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