Investor strategy call – September 29th

Natu Myers: [00:03:56] He. She. Oh, hey, John, how are you doing today? And feel free to come the panel. Today may be a bit empty today.

Speaker2: [00:04:56] Hey, I’m doing great today. What about

Natu Myers: [00:04:57] You? Yeah. Doing good, doing good. Yeah, this is just a client call because we yeah, we have the clients that we that come in and then this call is just so we can if they come in and then we answer any questions. But sometimes it’s empty. And then if we if it’s nobody in, if there’s nobody in ten minutes, then we just close the call, but we just invite everybody to join it. So if this one is not required?

Speaker2: [00:05:25] Ok, great, yeah. I wasn’t going to call you three two, and yeah, that was quite interesting to hear.

Natu Myers: [00:05:32] Oh yeah, that one. Yeah, that one was a bit

Speaker2: [00:05:34] Weird, Abdul, right?

Natu Myers: [00:05:35] Yeah, that one was a bit different. Yeah, because usually people come in to court to ask questions about, Oh, how do I use your product? How do I use your product? But then he he is. He’s more of a he’s more just likes talking back and forth and which is really good because he’s getting he’s getting some results and he’s getting to where he wants to go and he’s sharing his knowledge. So sometimes it calls like that. You just listen to what people have to say, and then there’s nothing really much to happen there. But he’s a really smart man and he’s getting he’s raising money, so.

Speaker2: [00:06:09] Yeah, that’s great, yeah. It was more sort of a conversation then,

Natu Myers: [00:06:13] Yes, downwards. Exactly. And I think you asked the question like, I forgot to answer it, but then you’re asking about basically if you were to start investing, what would you do essentially, right?

Speaker2: [00:06:23] Oh, yeah. I was asking that at the beginning.

Natu Myers: [00:06:27] Yes. And then as soon as the call ended, then I’m like, Shoot, I didn’t answer it. So then that one is a so that one’s a bit of a different question because the OK, if somebody were to start investing and it’s really broad because honestly, like most of the people here like we focus more on. We focus on more on institutional investors like people that invest like big money, like $5 million, $10 million, but then for the small things, I don’t really know to be honest, because we make we make money mostly from helping people get funded and from paying people as a consultant, right? So then but in terms of making money from investing. The best way we can make money from investing is we say, oh, we work on starting a fund and then work on buying businesses. So that’s really the way we would make money from investing. Like, we just basically we find a business and then we raise money to buy the business and then the profit of the business. That’s that’s our revenue. So then that’s what we’ll do. We’ll just look for like a like a small business that is doing in the U.K. or in Canada or in America and try to buy it. And then that’s it. So that’s it’s not really investing, but it’s more acquisition. But. Yeah.

Speaker2: [00:07:55] It’s more like a profit that you get from helping people more than investing or so that’s so I can get it. Yeah, thank you.

Natu Myers: [00:08:03] Yeah, and that’s all we know about, like other ways to make money, but that’s really talk about what we know about. So.

Speaker2: [00:08:10] Yeah, sure. It seems like it’s not journey, right?

Natu Myers: [00:08:21] So say you.

Speaker2: [00:08:22] Seems like he’s not going to

Natu Myers: [00:08:24] Join the meeting. Yeah, it may be, it may be quiet. Sometimes it’s a bit quiet, but let me text a few people to see if they’re going to join. Sure. Oh, hello, Jake. It’s a bit of a quiet day today. Yeah, so feel free. I think this one may be a bit quiet, but if you have anything to say, feel free to chime in. I know that you’re working on a metal deal, but I’m just going to click along to talk if you have anything to add or if you have any questions.

Speaker3: [00:09:43] I know, too, how’re you doing?

Natu Myers: [00:09:45] I’m doing really well. How’s it going with you today?

Speaker3: [00:09:47] I’m good, I’m good. I’m actually I’m in the process of working on this metal fabrication asset purchase of an industrial facility, which I just had appraisal and a business plan done. And right now, I’m working on doing my one page sheet. Yeah. So I’m just gearing up on, I guess, preparing to talk to investors. I just wanted to know, where would I be able to get just a list of investors that I can reach out to by email?

Natu Myers: [00:10:27] Yep, yep. Let’s do that and bear in mind, see, we can also we can also help you on a one page rate. Do you need any assistance in that or because we can help you do that? We’ve done it for Abigail for his seventy five million raise there.

Speaker3: [00:10:43] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I would definitely be interested. Yeah, that would help.

Natu Myers: [00:10:48] Ok, so tell you what’s so first on the. Let’s see. Yeah, so first on the one pager, yeah, feel free, obviously feel free to keep whatever you have. But we have some things that may be able to help with and we’ll show you, where is the information? Just go to the right information here. One. Turnkey data room, obviously, these investment banks go for analysis is actually up here. There is data on these issues. Ok. Not this one. We go to this one. So, hey, Richard, see you here as well. Ok, so. Interim structure. That’s a good one pager. Teaser and pitch deck. Yeah, like something like this, like ignore the. It’s not a format, because the formats, it’s Google Sheets, OK, they’re just something like this. This is what Richard this is. This is this is for all black fund that remember that teaser we put together. So this is the template. And so what we do is just fix something that says, OK, here’s here’s the offer and none of that. It’s just something in one page. And I just redact all the information obviously be redacted, meaning that anyone else’s deal, obviously, that’s not for you. But these are the things that we’ve already used. So we’ll send you a redacted version of this and then just filling in the what the offer is here. So then just so OK in terms of the list. So before the list, I mean, have you spoken to have you spoken to investors right before you go to the list and all that?

Speaker3: [00:13:06] I just spoke to lenders as far as debt lenders, yes, in regards to getting some type of bridge funding. Yeah. I had one that committed to 50 percent of of the value of the property. Yeah. So I was just looking to see if I can get something a little bit higher, maybe around a sixty five percentage.

Natu Myers: [00:13:35] Ok. Ok, sixty five percent. Oh, you mean LTV? Yeah. Uh-huh. Oh, okay. I got it. Got it.

Speaker3: [00:13:44] So for the appraisal, sort of. So the appraisal, the appraisal came ready, the appraisal, it came back for six million and the property, the contract is for five point two. But the sellers are hold one point six. So I wanted to see if I can get a little higher LTV.

Natu Myers: [00:14:05] Oh, I get three points from first off chat to chat to Glenn because I mean, we’re partnered with with his firm. I mean, he helped Eric. He helped Eric get terms. He helped Ali get terms and so on. And so they’re moving really quickly. We benefit from that. So just check out them again and push them again. But in terms of the list, man, the list is, yeah, I mean, all here are should go to. Macroeconomic investment insights and then boom, here’s a list. Um, master databases, and obviously, we’ll send you the link, but massive databases. You want to look at private debts and private debts and private debt to. Ok. We want to just go through and you want to just send like a quick like, I won’t really dump them with everything. I would just send it like a very short, you know, just a short message that says, Oh, hey, I see you, that you’re in some type of industry. I have x type of deal and I wouldn’t even talk about. I would keep it vague. I would say with assets are these type of deals that you would do, and if so, would it make sense to have a call to learn more about what you do? I would just keep it super vague so that you get responses, you get those calls right and then.

Speaker3: [00:15:22] Ok, OK.

Natu Myers: [00:15:24] Or you can. Are you more ready? What is your strategy or are you more of the cold caller? So I know that Caleb and you do some cold calling, but what is your style?

Speaker3: [00:15:39] So are you talking to me? I’m sorry, I thought you was asking someone else. For me, it’s it’s more of, you know, getting on the phone and just pretty much do in like cold calls. I’ve done emails before. And to get, you know, initial conversation with investors going and then I would pretty much get on the phone and talk to them. But it’s mostly getting on the phone and, you know, talk to them or use either like a broker.

Natu Myers: [00:16:10] Oh, OK, OK, so you’re more offended, you’re more of a fan of, so you’re less of a fan of the caller’s right. Yeah. Ok, got it, got it. Yeah, I definitely I definitely hit it up that way. And then you probably already have your scripts all together for the cold, cold, right? Yeah. Ok, good. Good. Ok, so then you already have your scripts in place, so then hit it from there. And that’s I mean, you already have your scripts in place and everything. The only thing is I wouldn’t really go into the details of like dropping everything on the deal so that they have something to object to. But then, yeah, you can just go in this list and and hit them off from here.

Speaker3: [00:16:48] So, OK, OK. And it has the phone number. Has the phone numbers there as well, right? Ok.

Natu Myers: [00:16:54] Yeah, of course. Of course. So I started here private debt, this and private debt to. I just start there and then. I wouldn’t go into the family offices just to private people, and then and then after that, even the private equity people and just see what they can do,

Speaker3: [00:17:12] What type of conversations. Ok, no problem. That’ll work.

Natu Myers: [00:17:17] All right. Cool, cool. Cool. Thank you. No worries. I’ll send you like all this information to. I know. Make sure that you’re hopefully you’re talking to and the other guys we introduced.

Speaker3: [00:17:27] Ok, yeah, I’m going to reach out to him shortly.

Natu Myers: [00:17:30] Nice, man. All right. Sure, sir. All right. Thanks. All right, Richard, let me bring you up here. If you have anything to say.

Speaker4: [00:18:15] Not you.

Natu Myers: [00:18:16] Hey, Richard, how’s it going today?

Speaker4: [00:18:18] I’m doing well, how are you?

Natu Myers: [00:18:20] Yeah, I know doing well. Yeah, I had a lot of good calls today with with Josh Sweetnam, so it was a really interesting day. Things are going good.

Speaker4: [00:18:30] Oh, cool. Cool, cool, cool. Well, I don’t have much to say right now specifically. Just came into oil. Refresh my memory on some things. Basically, what I am working on right now is actually the company I just acquired, which is the commercial finance brokerage in Oklahoma. Tfgm is incorporated. Yes, so we’re we’re basically redoing the entire processes of the business specifically, mainly the sales process of the business and the onboarding process, because we’re getting that brokerage ready to become an actual lender. Because we have a $10 million line of credit coming in from Seville specifically. So those are the things that we’re working on right now and we’re looking to get it underway in the next three to four weeks. So. Yeah, that’s what I’m working on right now.

Natu Myers: [00:19:30] Ok, nice. Nice. And so, OK, and then you so because you’re starting with one sort of 10 million line of credit because you started with one, right and then you going to 10 10x leverage that? Exactly. Oh, OK. Cool, cool, cool. Cool.

Speaker4: [00:19:43] Yeah, it’s it’s yeah, it’s very similar to the terms that we saw before that we discussed. Yeah.

Natu Myers: [00:19:50] All right, cool. Ok. And then you ready, so then you have you have already have the time to actually get the money in from from because I know you have a bunch of things going on. So then how are you going to get that money in for that one?

Speaker4: [00:20:02] We already have the capital that actually came from the investor that put up the capital to buy the business in the first place.

Natu Myers: [00:20:10] Oh, beautiful. Oh, OK. So then he liked the terms of annuity, like the terms of civil. And then here he would would just put it in that bank account. And then and then away we go to the races, right?

Speaker4: [00:20:24] Exactly. He’s desperate to become a lender. That’s the thing. Ok, so yeah, he’s looking to actually move on that. Yeah, because he always wanted to be a lender, basically. So I just see that a possibility.

Natu Myers: [00:20:38] Ok, OK. I know, I know we have a talk later. Let’s let’s come back to this, but that’s that’s pretty cool. Ok. Ok. Yeah, it’s cool stuff, man. So then what’s the what’s the thesis of the fund, though?

Speaker4: [00:20:51] Well, this is going to be for mainly invoice factoring, equipment leasing and equipment financing.

Natu Myers: [00:20:58] Got it.

Speaker4: [00:20:59] Yeah. So those are those were already strong points for FMS Inc. because they had great lenders for it. And they have, you know, repeat clients for that specifically. So we’re just looking to actually become the lenders yourself for that specifically.

Natu Myers: [00:21:20] Beautiful. I’m thinking of getting we should probably get Josh sweeten them to because he’s looking for an opportunity to get into PE, so we may look for an opportunity to get it in a pretty big part of the like to get the investor as well for the proprietary thing we’re talking about and then go from there. But then let’s leave that for let’s leave that for other talk. But I like it, man. I like I like. I like what you’ve done. So that’s awesome.

Speaker3: [00:21:48] Eamon, thank you. I appreciate it.

Natu Myers: [00:21:51] Nice, dude. All right, and we’ll talk details later. But OK, let’s see Jay by the. Yeah, I think that said, let’s just keep it short. All right, everyone. And then. And Richard, by the way, everyone is working with us full time. So just. And Joanne Richard is part of the team actually at raises Ofcom.

Speaker4: [00:22:11] So is it the one or one?

Natu Myers: [00:22:15] Correct me. Correct me. Which one is it?

Speaker2: [00:22:17] It’s one

Speaker4: [00:22:18] One. There we go. One Yeah. Pleasure to meet you, Richard. Nice to meet you, too. One. Thank you. Beautiful.

Natu Myers: [00:22:27] Nice man. He’s he’s in the private Slack channel, so just, you know, any processes, any help will make processes so that we can get get some success, right? So.

Speaker4: [00:22:36] Oh yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yeah, I have some things to actually send over to you. One. Yeah, you know, I’ll do that in the next couple of minutes.

Natu Myers: [00:22:44] Beautiful. Thank you. Hey, Richard,

Speaker3: [00:22:46] Can you send me your contact details or if I can get it because I will definitely need some equipment financing for a metal fabrication business?

Speaker4: [00:22:56] Ok, cool. No problem. Well, just know that times won’t be the lender yet, but we do have, you know, financiers that because Thomas is a brokerage, but we’re working on the processes of the business right now. So the 10 million dollar line of credit isn’t in yet, but in the meantime, we can still direct you to the other lenders that we have at play that do that. Ok, OK, that work. I just want it to be completely upfront with that from now.

Speaker3: [00:23:25] Ok. Appreciate the honesty.

Natu Myers: [00:23:27] Yeah, no problem. And J, just for just for context, your man like, yeah, because we found a way to become a principal lender. We just found that we’ll find a way to get leverage and all that. Richard is doing that in with this company he acquired to become a principal lender, and he already has relationships with lenders and the firm he acquired. So, yeah, Richard can help you out. But but again, like enrichment, we feel free to delegate to to to myself and one, and then we will take care of the details underneath that. But yeah, like and if you want to, if you have any questions about how to actually become a principal lender or the types of stuff we’re doing in that sense, then we can go into all that if needed as well. So, yep, OK.

Speaker3: [00:24:07] Also, if we have a minute, Nigel, I have a a water company that is looking for funding called Rex Water. It’s a pH balance, high pH water, and they’re looking for funding, possibly going public as well. I, you know, I’m new to I’m new to the funding side, so they have everything set up as far as corporate structure, pitch decks, you know, they have they have some sponsors as far as celebrity endorsements. So I wanted I wanted to know what was the best approach and how to even help them raise funding or maybe open their insight as far as going public.

Natu Myers: [00:25:05] Got it going public. Yeah, we have. We have a guy that we can take care of that. So we have a connection we can make to that. And then they can help them go public on many exchanges so we can just facilitate that introduction to you. So we’ll do that. But when it comes to the actual reason the funding, where is the deal at? Is it the red pitch deck? I think it was like a red pitch deck, is it? Yes. Ok. And are they in revenue or how does that look like?

Speaker3: [00:25:30] Yeah, their down revenue, they have distribution in 30 states, so they will. They have a valuation, 40 million and they were looking to get 10 million for twenty five percent of the company. But I think going public would be a better idea.

Natu Myers: [00:25:52] Yeah, what I would do, I would lock down the I would lock down that relationship to go public and make it more of a pre IPO deal because it’s much more of a no brainer if it’s pre IPO, or at least if they say something like they’re negotiating it, even though the contracts and even though it takes some time to go public, I just put that in their heart. But then go into the market man. Yeah. First, I just send out feelers to you don’t have to engage an investment bank. I want to engage in investment bank, but just send out feelers to them. Even know that their opinion may be biased. Okay, talk to Kevin. We’ll introduce you to Kevin. Talk to him about about his opinion. But I wouldn’t suggest paying them or do anything like that. But just to get your opinion and then I would speak to. Okay. Let’s see. So there’s a feelers page, but then after the feelers would send it to the the private equity people right away who have the mandate to invest in it. And I would start there and then start just getting a few feelers out, get 20 feelers out to see like, OK, what’s the initial feedback? Okay, that’s how would start? And then based on that feedback, then I would try to direct that to the right people because it’s only the market that knows what they want, right?

Speaker3: [00:27:04] Right, right, right.

Natu Myers: [00:27:06] And then after that, then yeah, we have the yeah, we have the quote unquote individual investors that are smaller. So we have those guys and then we can hit those guys as well. Because what really is a check size as well is a check size that you’re looking for reason or minimum check size here. What is it

Speaker3: [00:27:24] Is that they’re looking for the money to do some form of marketing, and they’re trying to do some partnership with Google to do some extensive marketing. So that’s what they’re looking for the money for.

Natu Myers: [00:27:42] Ok. But my question is more like they already looking for like, what is the minimum they’ll take? Is it one hundred thousand? Is it? You know, what’s the minimum checks I still take

Speaker3: [00:27:53] Per person that’s there? I don’t know. I know that the total range is 10 million they’re looking for right now.

Natu Myers: [00:28:00] Ok, you got it. Yeah, yeah. I just hit the I hit the big guys that can do it in one chunk. And then because that can take probably shortest 90 days, man. But I look at the big guys that will do it in one shot and hit the private equity people in the family offices.

Speaker3: [00:28:17] Ok. Ok. So just send them like a pitch deck and just a short introduction.

Natu Myers: [00:28:23] I’d be careful about sending them the pitch deck. I wouldn’t send in the pitch deck, I would just talk about because we just want to get a high volume of calls, right? So I would just because everybody is sending pitch decks. I would just like say, OK, what is really that short summary? Like, Oh, so and so, you know, I saw that you’re invested into this. We have many deals that are in this. Would it be appropriate to see if what we’re doing may make sense for you? I’ll just say something like that and then just get on the phone with them. And then if they ask for more information, only send them the information that they ask for and just send them a pitch deck. Because I mean, they get pitch decks all the time. So we have to be a bit more. We have to be a bit more smooth, right?

Speaker3: [00:29:01] Of course, yes. Got you.

Natu Myers: [00:29:02] Yeah, because if we send them a it on the pitch deck and then they don’t respond, then we burned the connection for life, essentially for that. Yeah. So then we want to really be really careful. And if they ask for something, we just give them only what they ask, right? That’s how that’s how I mean, that’s if you want to get it like a lot of calls as opposed to you can you can really you can send them the pitch deck, but then you get a lower response rate and then the few people that respond. They’ll be really qualified, but I think it’s best to get a lot of calls, so we get a lot of feedback.

Speaker3: [00:29:31] Ok. Ok, that makes sense.

Natu Myers: [00:29:34] Yeah, and just if we want to if you want to like dress up like a short arm, like a short little thing to send out. I do that and I won’t even say the company name nothing. I’ll just say I keep it vague as possible. And then when they ask, What do you say? I want to learn more, then you just give them what they want. That’s it.

Speaker3: [00:29:52] Ok. Ok, that makes sense. Thanks.

Natu Myers: [00:29:57] No worries. No worries. It’s a metal fabrication, private debt, people. And then this one is the the water deal is private equity and family office. And then I think we’ll be on our way to the races.

Speaker3: [00:30:08] Ok, great.

Natu Myers: [00:30:11] All right, man. All right, so let’s see, OK, no new attendees. Yeah, so I think that should probably be it for today. But if I’m wrong, let me know. But if I’m right, then I think we can just end this one. So. All right. All right, good call, everyone. Talk to you soon. Cheers.


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