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This firm appears to focus on private equity investments, but the mandate does not seem very explicit.
  • Investing Firm Name: Leisure Capital Management, Inc.
  • Company Type: Family Office
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  • Private Equity?: FALSE
  • Private Debt?: FALSE
  • Infrastructure?: FALSE
  • Real Estate?: FALSE

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Confidence score: 99;99;98;98;97;96;96;95;33
Type of Email: personal
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“Within the framework of our family office services, we offer to wealthy families and professionally strongly committed top managers comprehensive consultancy and management of your wealth. The preservation and long-term increase of family wealth take centre-stage. “

  • Confidence Scores: 99;99;98;98;97;96;96;95;33
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Amount of Sources: 1;1;2;1;1;1;5;1;0;;;;;;;;


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